A Review of the Effects of Sick Building Syndrome on Property and the Occupants

Akinwale O. M., Oluwunmi A. O., Utom J. & Fadahunsi J.


Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a situation where occupiers of a particular building complain of severe health problems or discomfort and get relieved shortly after leaving such a building. It is an issue that has been on for almost four decades now and has implications on the value of a building as well as its occupants. In this study, a comprehensive systematic review of paper published in journals and conference proceedings in the area of sick building syndrome was carried out. This was done to harmonise and also provide a comprehensive literature review of the previous research efforts on the types, causes, effects and remedies to issues relating to sick building as it affects the occupants and property value. The review concluded that many have health issues as a result of the building they occupy either as an office or residence. Likewise any building tagged ‘sick’ may not recover from the stigma, even after remediation.

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