An Assessment of Users’ Satisfaction with Facilities in Akure Mall, Nigeria

Akinshipe Olushola


Facilities play a very important role in satisfying users of every building. The success of a shopping mall depends on the tenants’ occupancy rate; hence, facility managers strive as much as possible to satisfy tenants in a bid to retain them. In this research, analysis is conducted to assess the users’ satisfaction with facilities in Akure Mall through the investigation of the role of facility managers in users’ satisfaction; thus, bridging the gap between these two variables “user perception on facilities” and “responsibility of facility managers” to determine “users’ satisfaction”. Relative Satisfaction Index was used to analyze the satisfaction level based on a survey conducted among tenants of the Akure Mall. The study scored all facilities in the mall well above average. On assessment of the satisfaction of the tenants in the mall, indoor air quality ranked highest on the Relative Satisfaction Index; while a little deficiency in the provision of internet facilities was recorded in both the users’ opinion and their satisfaction index. The study indicates that adequate facilities are provided in the Akure Mall, users are satisfied with these facilities and that the performance of the facility management team is excellent. In conclusion, the present state of the mall should be made a benchmark for future improvements.

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