Perception of Professionals in Built Environment Regarding Awareness of Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Bajere P. A.


The built-environment is a major consumer of non-renewable resources, producer of substantial waste, and a formidable polluter of air and water. The limited supply of natural resources is causing increased prices, depletion of the reserves, and destruction of natural environment. Building sector in Nigeria consumes 60% of the total energy utilization in the country and the resources are not efficiently utilized. The goal of the study was to examine the perception of building owners and built environment professionals (architects, engineers and facility managers) regarding awareness of sustainable development issues, policies and constraints to sustainable development.  The sample consisted of 80 respondents randomly selected building owners, architects, engineers and facility managers in Abuja, Nigeria. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data. Findings revealed that majority of those surveyed are aware of and highly involved in sustainable development efforts. The study also revealed that governmental implementation of environmental laws and government policies are not successful. Inferences were made to improve awareness education through creation of guideline for improving awareness, advocacy and enlightenment programmes, and by empowering regulatory agencies to enforce and strengthen existing regulations.

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