Effect of Logistics, Supply Input, Production and Finance on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Performance in Kaduna State

Ogundare Jermiah Ayodele Taiwo & Alalade Omolola Olufunke


This paper examined the effect of logistics, supply input, production and finance on small and medium enterprises performance in Kaduna State. Questionnaire was distributed using stratified sampling. 174 copies of the questionnaire were used for the analysis with a population of 201 registered owners/manager of SMEs operating within the state. PLS-SEM path modelling were used to process data. Findings reveal that logistics, production as well as finance has significant effect on SMEs performance, while supply input has negative and insignificant effect on performance of SMEs. The study concludes that logistics, production, supply input and finance is important to improve SMEs performance. The study therefore Recommends that the Government pay more attention to the development of the value chain to reorient the SME sector and implement a new strategy based on the principle that SMEs are a business that can provide a reasonable basis for greater wealth, growth employment and improves the capacity of the country to earn foreign currency through small and medium enterprises.

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