Exploration of Material Resources and Sustainable Entrepreneurship among Women of the Yoruba Speaking Community of Nigeria

Kofo A Aderogba (Ph.D)


The work examined the resource endowments of Southwestern Nigeria, women levels of empowerment and participation in the exploration, exploitation, development and management of the resources, and indicates directions for women empowerment and participation in the sector. Primary and secondary data and information were used. Relevant State Ministries in Akure, Osogbo, Ado Ekiti, Ibadan, Abeokuta and Ikeja provided data and information on what resources are where for extraction, management and development. A self-structured questionnaire was used to collect data and information from 1,100 subjects on women and their employment status, empowerment, resource extraction, challenges, and suggestions for sustainable empowerment of women in Southwestern Nigeria.  Data and information obtained were analyzed using tables of percentiles, a box, charts and the Likert Scale. The study was able to establish that there are quite some resource endowments in the study area, namely Kaolin, Limestone, Gold, Syenite, Gemstone, Coal, Granite, Felspar, Columbite, Toumaline, Marble, Talc, Tantalite, Glass-sand, Clay, Bitumen, Phosphate, and others that could be extracted to meet the needs of the people and, particularly the women. A good proportion of the populace still see women as domestic tools that need not be heard. But the study advocates directions for women empowerment and purposeful and profitable exploration, extraction, development and management of the resources to the advantage of the women and the community in general. The paper canvassed for education, enlightenment and empowerment of women in the sub-region of Nigeria.

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