Vocational Skill Acquisition and Venture Creation among Undergraduates in Osun State

Ojubanire O. A. & Adegboyega S. A.


The study assessed the intention of venture creation from vocational skill acquisition training among undergraduate students in Osun state. Specifically, the study identified skills acquired by respondents during vocational training, evaluated respondents’ intention to start new venture(s), and assessed the factors affecting venture creation. The population for this study comprised of undergraduate students that have learnt or learning at least one vocational skill. 336 respondents were selected using non-probability purposive sampling technique. Data collected was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings from the study showed that fashion designing (30.7%), vocational computer skills (16.1%), and photography (14.9%) were the most acquired technical skills while time management (66.4%), business management (64.3%) and financial management (63.4%) were the most acquired non-technical skills during vocational trainings. Majority (72.2%) had moderate level of intention of venture creation. Internal and external factors greatly affect venture creation with grand mean of 3.34 ± 0.66 and 3.35 ± 0.70 respectively. The correlation coefficient of the independent variable reveals that acquisition of vocational skill (r= 0.052, P= 0.339) had no significant relationship with intention of venture creation. The study concluded that learning or acquiring a particular vocational skill does not translate directly to venture creation. The study therefore recommends that while entrepreneurship and skill acquisition is being encouraged among students, government in partnership with other institutions should provide incentives to stimulate venture creation from acquired skills.

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