Impacts of Environmental Challenges on Medicinal Plants and the Possibilities for Increased Sustainable Agriculture

Ogbu Emmauel.E. & Uzoebo, Chiebuka P.


The plant kingdom includes many species producing a diversity of phytochemicals and bioactive molecules. Medicinal plants have long been utilized in traditional medicine and worldwide ethnomedicine. Despite the advancement reached in modern medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Medicinal plants currently are still employed in cosmetics, food, teas, as well as alternative medicine. The growing interest in medicinal plants and their ability to offer economical uses is gaining more attention. This world attention stem from the fact that they play a vital role in the greener economy and their potential in curative medicine. This paper adopts a systematic literature review to analyze studies that investigate impacts of environmental challenges on medicinal plants and the possibilities for increased sustainable agriculture. This study reviews the emerging importance of medicinal plants and how their production and sustainability is affected by environmental factors. This study concludes that, the growing demand and interest in medicinal plants and their potential to increase greener economics and life style correlates with the need for increased investment on drug policy, safety research programs and innovative solutions focusing on effectiveness of medicinal plants to preventing, curing, and treating of health-related problems in society.

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