Awareness and Perception of Media Campaign on E-waste effects among Residents of Ado Odo-Ota, Nigeria

Charity Ben-Enukora, Nelson Okorie, Toluwalope Oresanya, Thelma Ekanem


Scholars’ concern about environmental pollution and the attendant diverse health disorders have grown lately in Nigeria owing to the problem of electronic wastes. The challenge is compounded by citizens’ insensitivity to the damage these wastes can unleash on lives. This paper investigates respondents’ rate of awareness and knowledge, through the media, of e-wastes and how that rate affects attitude to the problem. Findings show that exposure to the media on the e-waste hazards was critically low. The broadcast media and the internet were identified as significant sources of information but residents were less frequently exposed to e-waste issues in the news. The awareness of health and environmental effects of e-wastes among the residents was also extremely low even as the menace was not perceived as a serious problem. The outgrowth of this was an unimpressive attitude toward resolving the problem. In addition to the traditional media and their online versions, it is recommended that interpersonal communication channels should be utilized to educate and persuade the citizens to adopt globally accepted standards for managing e-wastes.

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