Outdoor Advertising: House Numbering Visuals as Marketing Communication and Community Potentials

Oladokun Omojola


An image stimulus sometimes approximates visual communication, appearing as information that carries some identified meaning with it. The sequence involves mental visualization – a familiar phrase in cognition research. Despite this viewpoint's popularity, the scholarship radar is yet to fully capture the socio-economic ends of such meanings and the attendant communitarian upshots. This paper is making three propositions, using house numbering visuals as the basis for investigation. First, these visuals offer a viable platform to examine how visual communication elicits meaning in marketing communication (Folayan et al., 2018; Morah & Omojola, 2018). Second, the perceiver's semiotic literacy and the socio-economic purpose that the visual stimuli serve could determine mental representation's strength in a cognitive process. Third, a communitarian level of cooperation is possible from that meaning. The ramifications of these propositions provide some insight into the marketing and community potentials of house numbering images.

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