Exploring the Knowledge Sharing Practices among Medical Doctors in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

Funmilola O. Omotayo, Taiwo A. Orimolade


Medical doctors constitute a vital component of the health sector’s workforce. One major factor that aids their efficiency is knowledge of practice and what they do with it. Literature is replete with knowledge-sharing cases among other professionals but less visible concerning physicians, especially in Nigeria. This study investigates the knowledge-sharing practices among doctors in Ibadan, one of the country’s major cities. The descriptive survey research design was adopted, and data collected through interviews with sixteen doctors selected through convenience sampling. Findings show that the doctors shared knowledge regularly through social media, formal discussions, and informal deliberations. The findings also indicated that the doctors derive benefits from exchanging information, while the knowledgesharing process challenges stem from adverse social factors. This study is useful to medical practitioners, medical associations, and policymakers who need data for staff development and how that impacts the health sector.

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