New Names, New Identities: Globalization ‘Affects’ on Black Females in NoViolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names

Elizabeth Adesunmbo Omotayo


The study examines the roles of globalization and technology on identity construction and alteration of black immigrants in the United States. Through the depictions of women and female characters in her novel, We Need New Names, Bulawayo offers a problematic of the role of technology in the lives of African characters and espouses some of the contradictions that they engender in identity alteration. The study argues that the big world has actually been made small and this has been reflected in the way everything happens, especially also with literary works. This study offers the theoretical basis for identity change by relying on the phenomenon of globalization, the concept of subaltern and the postcolonial term, “otherness” to evaluate the critical ways by which the identity of the protagonist and other black female migrants have changed in the Western diaspora.

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