Analysing Verbal and Visual Indexes in Internet Memes on the APC-Led Administration and “Change” Slogan in Nigeria

Bukola Alfred


This paper examines the complementarity relation of some verbal and visual signifiers in internet memes about the “change” slogan of the APC-led administration in Nigeria. The data comprised nine purposively selected internet memes transmitted through Facebook, Nairaland and Twitter, which were selected between February 2016 and January, 2017. The data was analysed using Kress’s (2010) approach of multimodal social semiotics. The studies revealed that all the memes were subversive in nature and were used to reflect negative dispositions of the text producers to the leadership style and agenda of the APC-president elect. The study concluded that the memes about the APC “change” slogan were used to express displeasure over the socio-economic realities in Nigeria and to dissuade viewers from voting for the APC in subsequent elections.

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