Formulation and Evaluation of Synthetic Drilling Mud for Low Temperature Regions

Fadairo Adesina, Olutola Patrick, Ogunkunle Temitope, Oladepo Adebowale


The temperate world such American and Canada are extensively increasing environmental legislations against oil-based muds and increasing exploratory activities in the offshore, it imperative to develop an oil based drilling muds that have resistance to the weather and relatively stable rheological properties at low temperature of -5oC to 20oC. This study investigates the use of non-edible algae oil to formulate ethyl biodiesel as based fluid for drilling mud that can perform the same function as convectional oil based drilling fluid and as well comply with the HSE (Health, safety and environment) standard in the temperate region and offshore environment. Experimental tests were performed at temperature condition of -5oC to 20oC on the synthetic ethyl biodiesel oil based mud samples so as to evaluate the rheological properties of the drilling mud formulations. The synthetic oil based was obtained from offshore drilling company and was used as control experiment. The following tests were run on these muds including; viscosity pH, gel strength, density and filtration tests at varied temperature and constant pressure and toxicity test to determine their usability in the defined conditions.

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