Public Perception of Police Activities in Okada, Edo State Nigeria

Micah Damilola John (Ph.d)


Police is an important institution in society. However, there are activities of police personnel in public domain which constitute embodiment of integrity problem. In line with this direction, this study specifically investigated public perception of police activities in a semi urban area, Okada in Edo State. The study adopted descriptive cross sectional survey design. Study population consisted of members of resident community. A sample of 194 respondents was used and this size was statistically determined using Cochran’s formula. Data were collected at quantitative and qualitative levels. Method of data analysis was quantitative descriptive statistics and qualitative. Ninety-four percent of respondents had different forms of educational qualifications and 89.7% were 20 years and above. There were 30.0% of respondents that affirmed that police officers engaged in extortion on high way road. Respondents (12.4%) identified extra judicial killings associated with police activities. Other respondents (30.9%) maintained that police officers collaborated with criminals and 13.4% respondents identified harassment of unsuspecting citizens by police men. There were 69.1% respondents who claimed they paid for bail bond and 76.3% were victims of police illegal activities. Perception of service delivery by police men was rated moderate (43.3%), low (35.1%) and high (21.6%). There was consensus among police officials that some officers lacked integrity and public members were main collaborators that aided illegal practice. Police activities especially in Okada town, are fraught with illegal act and this really affected public rating of the organization. Therefore, there is need to intensify training and re-training of police officers especially in area of professionalism and public relations.

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