KOLAWOLE, Taiwo Olabode


This empirical research is titled Yahoo Yahoo Practice: A sociological commentary on the acceptability and celebrity of the actors in Nigeria. The main objective of the study is to unravel why yahoo yahoo practitioners have becomes celebrities and why the practice is widely accepted by the stakeholders. This study was carried out in Ado-Ekiti because yahoo practice is an unchecked wide fire rampant in the town. This descriptive study sourced both primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected via semi-structured questionnaire while the secondary data was obtained through online materials, text books, journals, Nigerian daily newspapers etc. A total of 400 respondents were sampled in Ado-Ekiti using convenience sampling technique simply because yahoo practice as a social vice has become an household debate. The quantitative data was analyzed using SPSS and data were presented in frequencies and percentages, charts were used where they were needed. The results showed that (30.5%) maintained that poverty is cause of yahoo practice while (3.0%) of the respondents said absence of parental care birthed yahoo practice. In respect to acceptability and celebration of yahoo boys and its practice, majority of the respondents (68.5%) said Yes, yahoo practice accommodate anybody while only (36.0%) of the respondents said No that yahoo people were not celebrated and accepted by their families. On how responsive yahoo guys are to their families, (38.5%) said that yahoo people make sure they extricated their family from poverty while (43.0%) of the respondents don’t know if yahoo people made sure their family is not put in shame. In reverence to the perception of yahoo guys, most of the respondents (50.5%) said No, yahoo people are not respected in the general public while (77.5%) of the respondents said Yes, the general public do not have commendatory perception about yahoo people. To supporting yahoo practice and the actors, (42.0%) of the respondents who strongly agree are parents of the yahoo people who share the same mentality about ill wealth while (25.0%) of the respondents strongly agree that yahoo child or people are jealously guided by their parents. The study concluded that it is indeed terribly bad to observe that because of penury, parents would assent their child or children to actively indulge in this clandestine act (yahoo practice). This study recommends that the society should rise to the restoration and sustainability of its moral and core cultural value for checks and balances in order to root out this menace that has eaten deep into our fabric.

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