Total Quality Management Practices and Organizational Performance

Prof. Rowland E. Worlu & Dr. James Nwoye Obi


This article examined Total Quality Management (TQM) practices and organizational performance using data gathered from Cway Water Group, Lagos to consummate the study. Total quality management aims at enhancing the quality of products, services and processes in all departments and sections in an organization. Sometimes improvement in quality gives rise to increased cost. The paper, therefore, critically examined the extent to which drive for total quality ultimately impinges on corporate performance. Descriptive research design was adopted. Data were gathered from respondents using structured questionnaire.  A total of 325 respondents were used as sample size for the study. The data gathered were analyzed using tables and percentages.  Three hypotheses were formulated and tested using SPSS statistical software with regression and correlation analysis. The test of hypotheses revealed that TQM has significant effect on organizational performance as the P-Value was found to be less than 0.05 occasioning the rejection of the null hypothesis.  The test also revealed that TQM has positive effect on customer satisfaction.  The paper recommended that top management of organizations should make TQM practices top priority in their operations in the interest of sustainable performance.

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