Social Unrest: Emerging Trends on Transnational companies and Oil-Producing Communities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Godwin Egbe, Frederick O. Ahmadu, David Imhonopi, Charles T. Iruonagbe & Ajibade E. Jegede


Every society is characterized by social relations and group interaction. However, conflict is inevitable due to the fact that human wants are insatiable. A major cause of conflict is oppression, exploitation and inequality. This paper examined youth restiveness in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The people inhabiting this geographical area are faced with life-threatening challenges such as pollution of underground and surface water, destruction of land fertility, death of aquatic life arising from oil spillage orchestrated by the activities of Transnational companies and youth restiveness. This paper employed the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Multi-stage and purposive sampling were adopted, 250 copies of questionnaire were administered and key informant interviews were conducted in the study area which was located in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria. The study focused on Rivers state, which is popularly acclaimed as the economic hub of oil companies operating in the region. The quantitative data collected from the field was presented in a frequency table while the qualitative data provided vital and first-hand details that complemented the quantitative data. Hypotheses were tested with the aid of a regression analysis which determined the nexus between the variables in the paper. Thus, findings in this study showed that there is a need to ensure that corporate social responsibilities, youth empowerment and employment are provided to guarantee the collective development of the people so as to guarantee lasting peace in the area.  

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