Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Practices: An Empirical study of Nigerian Listed Firms

Okezie Stella O. (PhD) & & Prof. Ihendinihu John U.


This paper investigated determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosure practices of listed firms in Nigeria. Data covering the period of 2010-2017 was collected from the annual report and account of Sixteen (16) listed firms on Nigerian stock exchange market. Ordinary least Square Panel regression estimator was employed owing to the cross sectional and time series nature of the data. The result showed that board independence, financial leverage and age were positively related to corporate social responsibility disclosure while profitability was found to exhibit a negative relationship with corporate social responsibility disclosure. It was however revealed that approximately 40% of the variations in the dependent variable of CSR disclosure was explained by the explanatory variables and jointly tested all the variables had a significant effect on the dependent variable as revealed by the F-statistic of 14.44 significant at 5%. This study extends the scope of previous studies by including corporate governance   variables of: board independence and board size which are issues of current contention. The paper contributes to the understanding of determinants of CSR disclosure practices and offers findings which are useful for both theory and practice.

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