Factors Influencing Non-Utilization of Modern Methods of Family Planning Among Couples in Paikon-Kore, (FCT) Nigeria

Alana Ojo Olukayode & Idowu Oluwafemi Amos


Sex is one of the psychological needs of every human being, but sex without caution leads to plan less family, demographic problems and a lot of social phenomena. A family without planning breeds several social vices. Non-utilization of family planning is a global phenomenon caused by several factors. Hence, this survey research embarks on the examination of factors influencing non-utilization of modern methods of family planning among couples in Paikon-kore Community, Abuja. Literature pertinent to the study was reviewed. This explorative study employed both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (in-depth interview) methods to source for raw data from 1500 couples in the community. The findings of the study revealed that religious, education, cultural factors, level of exposure, employment status and so on influence the practice of family planning in Nigeria. The study concluded that family planning among couples in Nigeria is safe, if it is aware and well used. Several factors hinder the use of modern methods of family planning in Nigeria. At the end, the study recommended that more awareness campaigns should be created through workshops and seminars by government and medical practitioners should enhance education and re-orientation of couples about family planning and education curriculum should be built to increase peoples’ level of knowledge on it.

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