Demand for Branded Sausage Rolls in Ibadan Metropolis

Sowunmi Fatai Abiola & Magreola Dare Gabriel


With increasing urbanization and population growth in Nigeria, demand for fast food has increased considerably. The market for sausage roll of different brands in particular has continued to expand attesting to its competitive market. The need to determine the factors influencing the consumers’ expenditure on branded sausage rolls and the extent of sales inequalities among sellers prompted this study. These objectives were achieved using multiple regression and Gini coefficient/Lorenz curve analyses. The study revealed that buying and selling of sausage rolls were common among the youths. Despite the expansion in the sausage rolls market, less than 1% (0.69%) of the respondent’s monthly income was spent on sausage rolls. Gala has the largest market share (25.8%) and highest inequality in sales revenue (0.30). Fifty percent (50%) of the gala sellers controlled about 71% of the total sales for gala in the study area. Age, marital status, year of education and monthly income of respondents were factors influencing amount spent on sausage rolls per week in the study area. Brand dominance can be reduced if other competitors increase their market penetration and embark on market segmentation based on age and locations.

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